My Blog an Extension of the Wall Street Protest

My blog is one part of the growing protest against Wall Street. Yes, my blog was started well before the protest but my feeling is that the current protest, like my blog has been building for sometime.

Growing dissatisfaction by a number of Americans has resulted in ordinary people who independent of a direct call-to-action find they need to act, and they need to speak, and they are doing so en masse from their own personal perspective.

As of now there doesnt seem to be an organized message coming from the protesters but with the backing of labor unions and others we might see that message become finer soon.

My own message however is the same. Corporate control of this country has reached a zenith and its time for us to take back some of that control. Corporations (sorry Mitt Romney) are NOT people.

Chase Bank, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Chase Auto Finance are too big. Too big to care about the consumer, too big to worry about the consumer, and to big too be bothered with by the consumer.

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