Utah Repo Man Charged with Manslaughter in Reposession Gone Bad

Police say its illegal for repo men to use force to reclaim vehicles.

Read story here: Salt Lake Tribune

Acts like this (absent murder) like blocking vehicles, making threats or other illegal acts are committed by repo agents in Utah and I suspect, everywhere in this country on a daily basis.

Its not always a good guy taking a car back from a deadbeat and these guys (sic) get away with, well, almost murder. Agents for Chase Bank in my own case abused the system and.. got away with it.

Lets recap: There should be no breach of peace during a repossession!.

This includes but is not limited to: said repo agent blocking your vehicle, threatening to call or stating that they have called the police, or repo agent using abusive threatening or language, etc.

This was all lost on Chase Bank, Chase Auto Finance and their repossession agent.

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