Semantics: Chase Banks Word Games

I filed a BBB complaint, which is handled by the New York BBB just in-case you have your own complaint, comment or concern that you wish to share with the reporting BBB agency. You can find by clicking here.

Approximately 2-days after filing said complaint a response-letter from Chase was supposedly generated and mailed, which was received by me about 8 calendar days later.

What I find odd about the letter is that it closes with a statement: It is important to note that the banks position remains unchanged from our last response to you.

My question: Unless they think that the lawsuit itself, or the service of notice of replevin is a response of their position, exactly what is the banks position? I have not been advised of its position either in writing or orally absent a statement sometime last year from Andy Sulfsted the Vice President Chase Auto Finance: I guess I should fire all my repossession agents then? Which by the way I responded with a yes, absolutely you should. (sic).

I have respectfully asked Chase representatives for an answer on its stand allowing for abusive practices by its repossession and collection agents, let alone specific instances in my case. To wit, as of todays date I have not received a reply. Should I continue to hold my breath?

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