Does Chase Auto Finance Have a History of Abuse?

The item below comes from a great consumer attorneys website:

Threat #8 This threat was also received from Chase. This woman sounds like she has the emotion of a collection terminator. Im tired of playing games with you (so I guess she is starting one of her own here). Ill call every neighbor on your block to make sure youre in the right place. Wow! How intimidating! How illegal. Collectors are allowed to obtain locator information. Once the collector knows where you are, which obviously Chase did, after all she was calling her phone, any further calls to neighbors are no longer locator information. They are just unlawful communications with third parties intending to humiliate and embarrass the debtor, which it did. Furthermore, this debtor had just received a discharge in bankruptcy! Threats 7 and 8 make up the most outrageous abuse I had seen in years. Not only were the tactics barred by state law, and the FDCPA, they were also barred by bankruptcy law. The caller then refers to attorney fees, which also is misleading and unlawful unless the actual amount if stated. We have programs to help you, but you cant apply unless you call back. In other words, we are setting this bear trap on the ground, please cooperate by stepping into it. Heres a little secret: the only help you will ever get from a debt collector, is that collector helping itself to your bank accounts or motor vehicle.

More cases and references coming soon..

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