Do Abusive Collection Practices Inflict Emotional and Physical Distress?

Did you know that the following list of health related items may be considered by a court to be actual damages if you experience these because of the direct actions of a debt collector.

These typically may include but are not limited to stress related injuries:
Heart attack, angina, chest constrictions;
Ulcers, diabetic flare-up;
Loss of appetite;
Nightmares; insomnia, night sweats;
Emotional paralysis;
Inability to think or function at work;
Shortness of breath;
Anxiety, nervousness; fear and worry;
Hypertension (elevation of blood pressure);
Stress to children;
Embarrassment, humiliation;
Indignation and pain and suffering.

And this is just a partial list! Of course, to see if your injuries are covered you will likely need to seek appropriate legal counsel to preserve your rights.

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