Chase Bank Asks Debtor to Sell Blood to Catch Up on Late Payments

It would seem to be illegal for a collections agent to suggest items be sold, blood or plasma be donated or, for the debtor to borrow further to pay a car note financed through Chase Auto Finance or Chase Bank.

The website here has many stories or allegations of abuse by Chase representatives, makes me wonder how many simply didnt have the resources or education to register their complaint publicly.

One individual commented: However, I ran into some financial difficulties when on disability due to a serious accident at work. I would pay when I could, but occasionally would be one or two months late. I would receive incessant phone calls from Chase. The calls would include such absurd suggestionssuch as borrowing money from neighbors, borrowing funds from relatives, having a yard sale, donating blood or plasma, and liquidating savings or 401K. Finally, when they would call, I would stave them off of the pass, telling them, Look I cannot hold a yard saleall of things they suggested.

After my own experience a few years ago I have no trouble believing many if not most of these complaints to be valid.

Do you have your own story to share? Wed love to hear yours.

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