Chase Auto Finance Executives Attend Collection and Recovery Conference in Las Vegas

Executive officers of Chase Auto Finance Jay Cocchiara and Kelli Edmonds were guest speakers at a Collection and Recovery SolutionsSM 2011 conference that wrapped up today in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hopefully they were also in attendance for another guest speakers session presentation by Brian Donahue of BBVA Compass Bank titled: Compliance Inside Your Internal Collection and Recovery Departments. The session covered important topics such as: Are your associates following guidelines or spirit of FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Protection Act)?

On the public face, Chase Auto Finance and Chase Bank seem to dispute that theyre regulated by any of the FDCPA statutes, however its becoming clearer to me everyday that this is a legal gray area that the U.S. Congress needs to clear up.

I find it interesting that Chase Auto Finance aka Chase Auto Recovery Group has until now eluded regulation under the FDCPA.

Read more about the conference and its agenda, click here:

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